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Database last updated in July 2015.  This queue is a summarized aggregate of the database.  The accuracy of the database is dependent on the number and quality of the data points.  There is an associated margin of error with each of the data points, so there is some uncertainty with some of the order statuses.  As the database is refined with more data points, the summary queue will reflect those changes and more accurately reflect the status of orders.  The queue is for informational purposes only.  Use of the data posted in the queue cannot be guaranteed.

No order numbers have yet been posted because there is not enough to ensure anonymity.  However, estimates put the number of orders taken by company as approximately 100 per month.

Order Month: Month order was placed
Order Year: Year order was placed
Range of Order Numbers: Order numbers corresponding to month and year
Status: Shipped, Shipping Now, Not Yet Shipped, Need More Data, Unknown 

Order Month Order Year Range of Order Numbers Status
June 2013 ?? Not Yet Shipped
July 2013 ?? Not Yet Shipped
August 2013 ?? Not Yet Shipped
September 2013 ?? Not Yet Shipped
October 2013 ?? Not Yet Shipped
November 2013 ?? Not Yet Shipped
December 2013 ?? Not Yet Shipped
January 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
February 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
March 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
April 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
May 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
June 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
July 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
August 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
September 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
October 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
November 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
December 2014 ?? Not Yet Shipped
January 2015 ?? Not Yet Shipped
February 2015 ?? Not Yet Shipped
March 2015 ?? Not Yet Shipped
April 2015 ?? Not Yet Shipped
May 2015 ?? Not Yet Shipped
June 2015 ?? Not Yet Shipped
July 2015 ?? Not Yet Shipped
August 2015 ?? Unknown
September 2015 ?? Unknown
October 2015 ?? Unknown
November 2015 ?? Unknown
December 2015 ?? Unknown

If you wish to participate and anonymously add your information to the database, we kindly request at a minimum:

  • Your date of order
  • Whether you have received your order or are still waiting

If you wish to provide more information, you can also send us:

  • Your order number

Fill out the contact form with the information above or email the information to mmctracker@gmail.com.  Alternatively, you can post your comments to this blog anonymously.

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