Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pause in Updating Blog

One of the goals of this blog was to force MommyMilk® Creations to be more responsive to customers' valid complaints regarding order completion.  Given that new orders are no longer being taken, this is a small victory for all of us.  Hopefully, orders will soon be shipping more regularly.  We are going to pause updating the database for the time being, although, please keep sending us updates on whether your order has been received or not.  We will periodically update the queue when we get an adequate number of updates.  Thank you all.

MommyMilk® Creations Shuts Down Ordering on Website and Closes Facebook Page

MommyMilk® Creations is no longer taking orders for jewelry from the website.  In an official announcement, owner Allicia Mogavero has decided for "personal reasons" to no longer take any new orders and to concentrate on finishing orders she already has.  In addition, the company's Facebook page no longer has any posts and does not accept any posts.  Hopefully, customers who ordered products can start to receive their orders.  Let us know if you receive your order.