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Tips for ordering at MommyMilk® Creations

  1. Visit the MommyMilk® Creations FAQ and read all the sections before you buy.  Allicia Mogavero lists very specific instructions and conditions.  If you do not wish to follow those or cannot wait up to a year or more for your jewelry, she advises not to order from her.  The FAQ is located here:
  2. After you order, your credit card is charged immediately, whether you receive your jewelry immediately or have to wait for up to a year or more.  Make sure to keep all receipts and correspondence given the long wait.  You must be comfortable with having your credit card charged and waiting a long time for your jewelry.
  3. No returns or refunds are allowed for completed products.  Any requests for cancellations for uncompleted products are charged a 25% handling charge prior to the amount being refunded.  Make sure you want the jewelry before you order.
  4. Allicia Mogavero only answers inquiries from new customers who wish to inquire about her products.  She does not answer inquiries regarding orders already placed.  It is recommended that you ask all of your questions upfront prior to ordering.
  5. After you order, let us know, and we can update the database.

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