Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pause in Updating Blog

One of the goals of this blog was to force MommyMilk® Creations to be more responsive to customers' valid complaints regarding order completion.  Given that new orders are no longer being taken, this is a small victory for all of us.  Hopefully, orders will soon be shipping more regularly.  We are going to pause updating the database for the time being, although, please keep sending us updates on whether your order has been received or not.  We will periodically update the queue when we get an adequate number of updates.  Thank you all.

MommyMilk® Creations Shuts Down Ordering on Website and Closes Facebook Page

MommyMilk® Creations is no longer taking orders for jewelry from the website.  In an official announcement, owner Allicia Mogavero has decided for "personal reasons" to no longer take any new orders and to concentrate on finishing orders she already has.  In addition, the company's Facebook page no longer has any posts and does not accept any posts.  Hopefully, customers who ordered products can start to receive their orders.  Let us know if you receive your order.

Monday, July 20, 2015

New Facebook Page for Customers of MommyMilk® Creations

There is a new Facebook Page for Customers of MommyMilk® Creations who want to post how long they have been waiting.

Visit it at the following link:

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Attorney General of RI taking Complaints against MommyMilk® Creations

For consumers who have paid for items they have not received or are unable to contact MommyMilk® Creations or Allicia Mogavero, you may file a complaint directly with the Attorney General of Rhode Island.  Several complaints have already been filed.

Via the Internet: http://www.riag.ri.gov/homeboxes/Consumer.php
By Phone: 401-274-4400

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Friday, July 17, 2015

Close to 100 orders per month for MommyMilk® Creations!

We finally have enough information to estimate that MommyMilk® Creations is taking close to 100 orders per month!  The data is based mainly on order numbers and based on the assumption that order numbers are sequential, consecutive and represent a unique order.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Allicia Posts that Shipments are Happening!

A new Facebook post on MommyMilk® Creations was noted recently.  Allicia, owner of MommyMilk® Creations, has posted explanations on pricing, on product stock policies, and most importantly, on shipping policies.  In the post, there are glimpses as to where in the process things are, but no firm commitment on creating a transparent way for customers to track their orders.  For now then, MMC Tracker will stay up until a verifiable process from Allicia is posted so that customers get information regarding their orders.

If you would like to read the post yourself, visit MommyMilk® Creations' Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/BreastMilkPendants

    Wednesday, July 1, 2015

    Review MommyMilk® Creations on Yelp!

    Do you have positive or negative experiences to write about MommyMilk® Creations?  Share them with the world.  Review MommyMilk® Creations on Yelp!

    Click here to get started: Yelp! Page

    Direct link/URL: http://www.yelp.com/biz/mommymilk-creations-south-kingstown

    Monday, May 11, 2015

    Photos of Jewelry

    Have you received your one-of-a-kind MommyMilk® Creations jewelry?  If so, post a link to a photo in the comments section.  Or email us a copy at mmctracker@gmail.com and we'll post it to the MMC Tracker blog for all to see and admire.  Also, tell us what you think of it.  Do you like it?  What do you wish could have been different?

    Sunday, April 19, 2015

    Correspondence with MommyMilk® Creations

    Have you corresponded with MommyMilk® Creations or Allicia Mogavero after you placed your order? What was the update? We would like to hear what the response was. Post your response in the comments below.

    Monday, March 30, 2015

    Order Queue for MommyMilk® Creations Products

    Are you interested about where your order is in the process? Check the order queue for MommyMilk® Creations products here:

    Monday, February 2, 2015

    Welcome to MMC Tracker

    Welcome to MMC Tracker!

    This blog was created to help customers of MommyMilk® Creations track their orders.  

    Allicia Mogavero is founder and owner of the popular craft jewelry website, MommyMilk® Creations <http://www.mommymilkcreations.com>, where she creates one of a kind jewelry using a mother's breast milk as the starting point.  She has become so popular, that the wait list for these one-of-a-kind treasures can be a year long.

    Due to the overwhelming demand, Allicia Mogavero has been unable to respond to customers' inquiries regarding their orders.  As customers of MommyMilk® Creations, we understand the situation and respect her privacy and policies, but many of us often spend hundreds of dollars while waiting for our precious momentos for months (or up to a year) without any word where our orders are in the process.

    Because she is unable to answer inquiries on order status, this blog was created to help her and her customers.  Using the power of the internet and of the crowd, we as customers can come together to figure out where in the process our orders are.

    This blog is relying on you, the customers of MommyMilk® Creations, to send us information on your order.  We will compile the data and post approximations on when orders are shipping.  We respect your privacy, so we don't want everything and we won't publish everything, but we do need at a minimum some pieces of information.

    If you wish to participate, we kindly request at a minimum:

    • Your date of order
    • Whether you have received your order or are still waiting

    If you wish to provide more information, you can also send us:

    • Your order number

    We will construct a database and publish in aggregate form (to ensure anonymity):

    • Month and year of orders
    • Whether orders have shipped for that month/year or are still in process
    • If available, general range of order numbers for that month/year

    Fill out the contact form with the information above or email the information to mmctracker@gmail.com.  Alternatively, you can post your comments to this blog anonymously.

    If you previously sent information and had noted that you were waiting for your order and then have subsequently received your order, please notify us to update your status so that we can update the database for other customers.

    MMC Tracker appreciates your willingness to help.  By doing this, we hope to give both current customers of MommyMilk® Creations an idea of where their orders are in the queue and future customers an idea of how long the wait is.